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Now why doesn’t he go ahead and summon them on down into a laboratory to be examined? This could be a bunch of garbage, but if it’s not, in confirms my long held belief that UFO’s are more strongly connected with the supernatural than the extraterrestrial. Examine the abduction phenomenon and I find strong parallels with the demons and incubus’ of old.

I just ran across this today, and would like to tag it on to this thread as it fits the theme.

Why should this be any more believable than any other “sightings”. Reporters go to a lot of trouble to get some attention.

If it was legit why didn’t they take a better camera (higher zoom), set it on a tripod and get the best pictures they could? Surely they would’ve made the guy do it again if they weren’t prepared properly the first time.

if thats the state of News broadcasting then its pretty sad.


in any case, if it holds truth…we might see things happen in these next 4 weeks