Interesting sketch artist

This guy is pretty good,
I enjoy watching him draw, at first I think he is going to draw something completely different.
Amazing how the mind wanders while watching someone draw, I made my self blush a few times, guess I have a pretty sick imagination.
I usually start out sketching out the head and eyes, this guy just goes off and starts drawing random shapes to make his cute little characters.

If you have a sick mind like me, this might not be safe for work.

that was great! fantastic skills he has…

whoa the second he drew the, uhmm you know, I was like WTF but then I was amazed! I think I’m gonna take a second look to disney cartoons…

haha, you reminded me of this:

He he!
In the art class I took a couple years ago, we had to draw cartoon characters on the chalk board in front of the class. It would have been fun to start my drawings like he does.:evilgrin: