Interesting technique - how to replicate in Blender ?

I was reading up a tutorial based on ZBrush and 3DS MAX. The author models glove grip surface using following technique:

How would one go about that in Blender 2.67 ?

Closest I could think of is this, but it leaves a lot of ngons:

Here’s my go at it:

Begs testing on a real hand mesh though.

That’s pretty good. Does a lot better than mine at getting the pattern right.

Pretty crazy stuff! Nice.

@Stan Pancakes: great, thanks a lot :slight_smile:
a few functions that I never saw/used in blender :slight_smile: 2,6,7

@xrg: thanks to you too :slight_smile: I didn’t know about ability bevel from vertex (Shift+Ctrl+B)
Still a lot of whoat to learn … :slight_smile:

Thanks guys