Interface 2.63 mess

Cannot get the interface back to default. The top area will not join. Even uninstalled and reinstall still the same thing. Any suggestions. Here a screen capture of my desktop. Thanks.

You can only join windows if they have a single common border, the top window doesn’t with the bottom left window as it shares the same border with the bottom middle and right windows.
Save your file
File / Load Factory Settings
Open your file ensuring you have ‘Load UI’ unticked in the blender file browser


Start a new file, then go to File -> restore factory settings. After that, open the file with the “Load UI” option unchecked.

Or alternatively: merge the bottom 3D view with the UV editor, then merge with the timeline, then merge the buttons window with the outliner, then merge this with the area left of it. Now you should be able to merge the two remaining viewports, after which you can setup everything as you like.

Thanks for the reply. Still cannot get back to factory setting for this file. Close and reopen blender I have the factory setting. This seems to only be with this file. With a lot of time on this I would not like to start over. An idea, would it be possible to open a new file and move all objects to that file. Thanks and appreciate the help.

Found the solution. Just missed seeing the Load UI check box. Again thanks. :smiley: