Interface Blender

Je cherche à afficher que la scène 3D avec UI que j’ai crée.
Pouvez vous m’aidé à faire ça svp?

Google translate:
I’m trying to display that 3D scene with UI I created.
Can you help me do this please?
Thank you

Google translate:
Vous allez devoir être plus précis. Avez-vous des difficultés à enregistrer votre interface utilisateur personnalisée ou est-ce quelque chose que vous avez fait dans un programme externe?

I look for the same problem also. i am waiting for a reponse.

You’re going to have to be more specific. Do you have problems saving your custom user interface or is it something you have made in an external program?

Response about what ?

This and your original post are more than useless.

Actually say/show exactly what you are actually trying to talk about. We are all in the dark waiting you you to shine a light.
Actually make some kind of effort in your question and supply everything that anyone would need to give you an answer

thank you for yours answers.
I have my file .blend with all buttons which i created to execute some scripts python. I want to make a simple custom user interface that contain just my buttons and the scene of 3D object (and not the blender bouton and menu)
i hope you understand me.