Interface changes. Hoq do you create a vertex?

OK. So I want to draw some line segments and extrude. I haven’t used Blender recently since 2.8, and now have Blender 3.1 installed.

So, let’s see how to do this.

I look at the manual page for “Adding geometry”. Google search gives me the page for Blender 2.82. “The most basic element, a vertex, can be added with a Ctrl-LMB click when no other vertices are selected.” That doesn’t seem to work. The user interface, in Edit mode with CTRL pressed, shows left mouse button as “Pick shortest path”.

How about adding a second vertex. “To create interconnected vertices, you can add a vertex and continuously make subsequent Ctrl-LMB operations with the last vertex selected.” Makes sense. But it doesn’t work.

OK, I’m reading the 2.8 manual. Maybe they changed it… Let’s try to find the “Adding geometry” in the 3.1 manual by searching the 3.1 manual for “Adding Geometry”.

Search Results: Your search did not match any documents.

Uh oh.

Let’s try the manual topics. “Adding Geometry” was under Modeling->Meshes->Editing->Basics in the 2.8 manual. In the 3.1 manual, there’s Modeling->Meshes->Editing, but no “Basics”. There’s a big “Vertex” section, but nothing about how to create new vertices, just things you can do once you have some.

Ok, let’s try Modeling->Meshes->Structure->Vertices. No, not there.

Next, search the manual for “Add vertex”. First result is “Add cone”, followed by other addable objects, but nothing like “add vertex”.

Clearly this changed. A lot. And it’s not documented properly.

OK, so how do you create vertices now? I hate this kind of thing.

Stop them before they kill again.

Shift A > mesh > single vertex , you may need the Mesh Extras add-on but it comes with blender, you just have to turn it on :slight_smile:

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Nope, no such menu item.
Why would I need an add-on for something so basic?

It’s technically an add-on, but it comes bundled with Blender already so I feel like it’s more like a feature you have to turn on. Either way, just search “Mesh” in your add-ons and it’ll come right up:
2022-04-14 13_33_35-Blender Preferences

That can’t be the standard way now to just draw lines and extrude. Is it? Is there some new approach to basic drawing? If this moved from a built-in mouse click function to an add-on, it must be deprecated, right? And how do you now draw a second point and connect?

Control+RMB. I agree, it’s weird that it’s seemingly not documented.

Control+RMB gets me a spline. Am I in the wrong mode?

The method described on your first post still works on 3.1, but you have to already have an object selected and be on edit mode, it will not create a new vertex if there’s nothing in the scene or if you’re on Object mode.
It works like this: if no vertices are selected Ctrl+RMB will create a new one, if a vertex is selected then it will “extrude” and create a new one connected to the one you selected.

Ctrl+RMB is the shortcut if you’re using left click selection, or Ctrl+LMB if you’re using right click selection.

Right. I was starting from an empty scene, and you cannot enter edit mode from a empty scene.

What’s troublesome is how thoroughly this disappeared from the documentation.