interface feature suggestion..

Is it possible or where should i suggest that panels in blender could float such as in gimp or some extent photoshop/aftereffects. it would be really handy for organizing layouts etc…

You can? just split it off into a new window by holding down the shift key

[shift]+[lmb] & drag on the workspace-top-triangle-thingie to release any part of the GUI as a separate window. :slight_smile:

That is very useful information. I am surprised it was not mentention anywhere before. In this case we can have uv editor, node editor etc
can work together without loosing workspace in 3d

Thank you very much
Note: This is exactly why I feel blender is a secret program:(:mad::spin:

Ohhhh… Thanks for the tip !

Blender docs has many great tips floating around!

I prefer it over apps like 3DS Max where there’s a lot ow windows that can’t be dicked at all, like the material editor, plugin floater windows a.s.o… This is more like in Maya and imo a way better solution. But it’s not obvious, I’ll give you that. :wink:

Dude really ? i had no idea and been using blender for a while now.Awesome !

Hmm silly question but they don’t seem to stay on top and always minimize.Any idea for that ?

On Windows, ALT+TAB comes to mind. :wink:

going backwards to overlappign UI, while other apps are going forward to single window fluid layout. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I think stuff might’ve changed in max 2013 !

LOL, yes, you can actually make Blender as user unfriendly as Gimp 2.6x… ;D

The thing here is using multiple windows over multiple monitors… :slight_smile:

…though I have a hard time liking that. Multiple monitors. Or Wacom pads. I just never should have become a graphic artist, hehe… ;D

we need floating panels like max or windows

blender is bad, unusable :frowning:

Aah, trolling… Be careful who you troll though, or I’ll slap you around like a read-headed stepchild… ;D

Doesn’t it get tiresome to write the exact same thing several thousand times?

You should create a macro for it :slight_smile:

blender is bad, unusable

We could easily replace Endi with a very short shell script.

Thanks, great stuff! as to having too many panels surely its not a problem as you can have as many/few as you want? just a thought…

And as to the troll if you don’t like blender wtf are you doing in this forum?!

Don’t you dare!

I agree with all the suggestions on Venom’s list except:

  • Keep turntable as default!
  • I think I prefer to have frame dropping off by default, and turn it on only when I need it.
  • I would prefer having the camera settings left as they are.

Proposals I LOVE:

  • Continuous grab on: Yes please!
  • Auto-perspective on: Actually, there should be a shortcut to toggle that on and off in the viewport (I don’t mean num5, I mean toggle auto-perspective quickly if you need orthographic mode on for a bit. Currently if you go to ortho with num5, you can’t pan without it going back to perspective. I know you could just turn auto perspective off, but it would be nice to toggle that feature quickly.)
  • Xray and wire display for bones: That would be good, I always turn that on anyway with bones.