Interface for Arduino / MSP430

Hi all,

I am in the midst of proposing a small graduate research project, and I thought that I would run it by the community and see if there was any interest.

I am interested in building an interface into blender (perhaps logic bricks?) that allow users to interact directly with an Arduino and / or an MSP430 launchpad. I think that this may be of interest for artists / scientists that are using Blender for interactivity (visualizing data, developing novel interfaces for games or animation, etc.).

I’ve pitched this idea before and there seemed to be a bit of interest. I would appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on the idea.


Trevor (tsquar3d)

Hi Trevor,

I am very interested in these things, but I would prefer Raspberry Pi over Arduino. I am not a fan of specialized C dialects, and I will only use bricks together with Python.
Data communication with ​an external device (as opposed to programming it) is something else. You can do this already with a few lines of Python inside Blender.


Hi Sjoerd,

Right, the idea is to implament a graphical user interface for Blender that will handle this.