Interface is missing Mesh Selection Modes (face, edge, vertice)

Hi all, just starting up on blender, Making the move from Maya.

Issue: My interface does not have(all tutorials do that I have seen do) are three small buttons next to move rotate scale buttons on the bottom of the modeling window.

How do I toggle these buttons back on so they are visible?

Using a Macbook Pro

Thanks in advanced!

Can you show a screenshot of the whole blender interface and preferably a link to your .blend file

Switch from Object mode to Edit mode and those buttons will appear. You will need an editable object in the scene in order to have Edit mode available (cameras and lamps don’t count.) Add some kind of mesh object (the monkey is always good) and then click on the “Object Mode” menu, you’ll see a number on new modes you can switch to. Switch to Edit mode, you’ll find the face, edge, and vertex select icons. Switch to the other modes, notice that the available tools depend on the mode.

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