interface issue ?

hello all, first off -I greatly appreciate everyones help,and the blender community,( okay enough butt kissing :eyebrowlift:), I posted a request for help on the blender face book page. and received a huge respopnse that was wonderful, the responses were all over the map,from I have a virus to I need to upgrade to win 7(no cash for that bullet). I doubt it’s actually a virus since Im rarley connected to the internet from my desk top machine where I use blender. I had been using blender just fine before I downloaded 2.65a version. I have uninstalled 2.65a, reinstalled 2.65 and I have the same problem
I have attached a screen shot and my sys info.:evilgrin:
the stranfe part is that when i Lft-click in the 3dview port the interface returns to normal.or if I load a blend fileprogram seems to behave normally.if the program works normally Its not really a problem for me. haven’t had time to test everything I usually do with blender, so I just thought that if this is a bug others would want to know.
I’ve not had problems with gimp or any other programs I use.
thanks inadvance,

Hi, they change default settings in user preferences > system > window draw methode.
Try different settings.
Do you have intel onboard grafics chip?

Cheers, mib.

I recognize that glitchy screen. Looks like your video drivers have fallen out of date. Update them.
Hope that helps.

Its usually a good idea to disable + uninstall then restart computer and it will auto detect and install fresh.