interface not working at all on Mac OS X Tiger

Good afternoon,

I simply don’t know why, but blender is not more working normally, the interface is blocked, the keyboard commands don’t work. the menus don’t work neither. When I did “file” whit the mouse for quit it doesn’t show the menu, qkey dont work, I quit by the window quit.

I tryed to uninstall and reinstall but doesn’t work. I’m on Mac OS Tiger, and Blender 2.37.

Help please, have things to do with the program but I’m completely stoped.

Thank you very much,


Look at this, is that the problem?

That bug report is still “open” - so wait patiently for it to be fixed.

Yes, yes, yes, that is exactly the problem. So it is about the OS.

thanks for the answer, hope it’ll be fixed.

Thanks a lot for the attention,