Interface Oddities

I’m running Blender using a Sapphire HD 3850 AGP 8x graphics card under Win XP 32. I have 1 GB RAM, a Microsoft natural keyboard, a Kensington Expert Mouse (4-button trackball) and a 3Dconnexion Space Navigator PE. I’m working through Blender for Dummies (which tells you that I’m still wet behind the ears).

I’ve noticed some odd behaviour, which might be a bug, system issue, or maybe I’ve hit an odd key that’s gumming up the works. For example, I’ve been trying to set the 3D cursor with left-button click. For a while I’ll see it, then suddenly when I click it’s gone. I tried tabbing from Object to Edit mode, and nothing happened. I popped up the menu which currently showed “Object Mode”, and it shows “Mode: Object Mode”. Edit mode isn’t even an option on the menu anymore! I’ve also found at times that the “+” and “-” keys stop working for zooming.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this some sort of bug/incompatibility thing?



You can only go into Edit mode if there’s an object selected for editing, and preferably only one object for that matter. Blender does try to remember the last object selected and aims for that one, but if you’ve selected a lamp or other non-editable object last, you won’t get the option to Edit. Right click on the desired mesh first.

Thanks Lancer, I’m sure that’s what the Object/Edit mode problem must have been. Reduces the issues to a more manageable size!