Interface Question

Hey all,
I am new to 3D and new to Blender, but come from compositing programs like Shake and AE. My biggest head scratch so far is why, in my 3D view FRONT, do I have the Z and X axis and not the X and Y axis (which, by the way, is in my TOP view). Coming from 2.5D, Z has always been depth. I assume this is the same in 3D. Any ideas?

Also (and I’m not sure that this in the right place), I am working on the Vase tutorial via the Burans Arts site and the second to last instruction in the basic structure is <extrude inwards> with no further explanation. I have found similar postings and apologize if it has been done to death, but I can’t extrude towards a centre point and scaling inwards squares the edges of the top of the Vase (and the screen shot in the tutorial clearly has nice rounded edges). What is the trick to extruding a circle inwards?
Thanks in advance and cheers for a grand community of obviously competent and artistic people.

The X, Y and Z axes can vary from application to application. It’s just the way that blender sees these axes which is different to AE


X,Y,Z are simply undifined. I would suggest paying particular attention to what Letter it is using for each view when it comes to inputting numerical alterations along an axis though. Thats the only situation I can foresee it ever being a problem.

I think it would be nice if it used the more commonly agreed upon X-length Y-Height Z-Depth definitions, but its not “game breaking”. :slight_smile: Glad I read this post tho, I had not noticed this, but will keep it in mind.

Gold star for being observant!

I member that tutorial.
to extrude inwards, just move your mouse towards the centre after pressing S.
You may have the 3D Manip. off centre tho.
so check if the pivot point is at Median/Bounding Box Centre

Thanks for the responses. I guess I will just have to get used to the X,Y,Z being arbitrary. Regarding the tutorial, yeah, I still don’t really get it. If extrude inwards is a scale to centre why is there a distinction in the instructions between extrude and scale up to that point? The scaling works, but the results are obviously not rounded (they are squared edges) and the instructions clearly state extrude inwards, not scale. Being new, I am really trying to nail the nomenclature the first time around. Thanks all.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of what you mean by square edges?
And don’t worry about getting all the operations drilled in your brian,.
They will come in time.