Interface´s brightness changes randomly on my laptop (blender 2.79b)

Hello, I bought some months ago a laptop:
Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN Intel Core i7-7700HQ/8GB/1TB/GeForce GTX1050/15.6".

When I open Blender 2.79b, the brightness of all interface changes randomly between 2 levels. This don´t happen on other apps or in windows desktop.

this is a blender bug? or it is my laptop bug?. I have updated the nvidia drivers and selected it under CUDA options. But I don´t know if on the interface it is using the Nvidia graphics card or the Intel one.

Somebody have the same problem?


Could you post some screenshots?

Blender has no means of controlling your display’s brightness. So I would assume you either have Windows’ or the Intel driver’s adaptive brightness function enabled.

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Probably the brightness changes are caused by the auto switching (depending on 3D-workload) between integrated GPU and dedicated GPU. This behavior should be adjustable in the NVIDIA control panel.

Thanks for your answers, i will try the Nvidia settings, regards!.

Seems that don´t work. I recorded a video with my phone, because recording with a Windows app don´t record the brightness change.

When I scroll the mouse wheel or rotate the view the brightness change.

Hello, I did try with this but seems that my laptop don´t have these settings:

In the Intel config I didn´t found adaptive brightness configuration neither.

Here gives a Intel/nvidia solution but in my system only appears the Gobal Settings options:

In the Intel driver settings the adaptive brightness is hidden in the power saving features, iirc. Disable everything that even remotely indicates that the driver intends to try to sacrifice performance for energy consumption.

There is not Power saving menu in my Intel drivers: