Interface strange colours (solved)


In this screen snapshot, you can see that the colours are quite different. Though the material colours on the sphere have exactly the same parameters. Not only that, the colours of the themes on the left look different too. I never changed these colours.
It rather seems that there is something like a gamma difference between the two.

The blend on the left is based on a 2.49 file. The one on the right is a native 2.53 blend.

Does anyone have an idea how I can correct that ?

Thanks in advance.


To start of, stop using 2.4x files, maybe that will help (if I got the picture right).

Thank you for that very helpful reply !
I wonder how many useless replies I see on this forum. If you don’t have the solution, just ignore my request.
If I used a 2.49 file, it was a way to achieve something that is still not implemented in 2.5, i.e. renaming markers.

Camon, give me a better one than that, there are in fact things 2.5x still does not do, but renaming markers it does. Step into the Timeline window. Choose a frame. Press M to add a marker to that frame. Go to the header of the Timeline window and in the Frame menu click over the name of the marker to make it editable and change its name.

Thank you for that, it is well hidden, but it is too late now to go back. Have a good day.

blender 2.5 Color Management is probably why you are seeing a difference.


YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH ! Thank you vely vely muchhhhh !