Interface UV Editor, banner color info

Hello everyone,
I would like to know how the color information that appear in the Render viewer + LMB on the image could be usefull to work.
Also in compositing interface when Alt+LMB on pixel show the banner with RGB color and CM (color management) informations appear.
That interest me to know how to consider this info to control the final color result. So, if somebody know how exactly interpret this will be usefull for understand better this feature. thank’s everyone…

Pretty simple really, just look for the R: #, G: #, B: # values. Those interpret exactly like inputing values into wherever in blender, 0,0,0 being black, 1,1,1 being white.

Actually here’s a screenshot, this is the solid horizon color, in the black rectangle giving the color values it also gives you a sample of the color.

Thank’s for you reply, there is two part on the “little banner”, one for the color RGB value supposed to be at the rendering flow and other part (right one) supposed to be the CM adjustement of it, right ?
The L value at the bounding right is the Luminance of just that color ? Because when i use it on a full White sample, the value is below 1.0 …

It should be luminance, though I don’t have your example I made my own. Just changed the Horizon color to pure white.

Here’s some of the only relevant documentation I found:

  • LMB - Clicking the left mouse button in the Render window displays information on the pixel underneath the mouse pointer. The information is shown in a text area at the bottom left of the Render output window. Moving the mouse while holding the LMB will dynamically update the information. This information includes:
  • Red, Green, Blue and Alpha values.
  • Distance in Blender Units from the camera to the pixel under the cursor.