I think blend-urs game engine needs an interface.
What about everyone else?:cool: :rolleyes: :slight_smile: :confused:

What do you mean?

What’s wrong with making an interface? Having a built-in one would be kind of limiting.

Huh? After reading that 7 times I still don’t get it… ???

Check the irrlicht engine. It’s fast, and its has an interface. Blender’s GE could even use this to render and such.

King James, try reading the Bible 7 times.

Hey Roland!
Nice to see others who are not afraid to be open about Christianity…

But back to buisness…ask this kind of question or topic over at, it’s the developer forum.

Are you a Christian too?

While i agree that Blenders interface is rather dated, you’ve started a thread on a topic that has been discussed many times over and over again. People never seem to change their opinions and nothing ever gets done. So maybe you should get some coders together and create some interface artwork and get something started. How about trying something like that?

Rolandixor: I am a child of I AM :slight_smile:

That was funny…

That’s a good idea Venom.
I think we could fuse blender and irrlicht, just as they plan to fuse blender and orge.
Personally, i don’t like the names orge or irrlicht, but hey, they are as great as blender…

LoL Orge, hilarious.

my bad, ogre!

I’m working on a template resource to cover menus, key & mouse configuration, game settings, sound settings, and basic ingame interface elements. This will be released alongside a tutorial for using it.

The end goal of this is people with relatively little experience can plug a half decent menu and interface into their games with minimal effort. Many elements can be customised and the tutorial will explain how to do that. The template can then be tailored to the style of a particular game.

It’s early stages yet, but the aim is that this can be combined with the FPS template. Putting together a game will never have been easier for the newcomers…

Thanks bud. I didn’t add you to my buddy list, but that sounds like a good idea. I am teaching a friend how to use blender for game design.

This will come in HANDEE.:smiley: :cool: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :rolleyes: :slight_smile: :o