I’m very beginner. When I select un object (ex : cube) with the right button and the “face select mode” active, the choosen face appears with row of dots and not with the plain pink aspect whereas the “draw edges” and “draw faces” are active in the Mesh tool more window in the edit menu.
May be I did check something wrong.

When i deselect all with A. the last selected face keeps the dot aspect.

Could anyone give me a hand.



That’s correct, you hit the nail on the head, it just shows the last selected face. If no face has been selected, it picks one for you I guess. This weirded me out the first time I saw it too. :slight_smile:

Yeah Blender keeps track of selections in the order they are selected. The more you work with Blender the more you appreciate it.:wink:

first thanks for the reply.

How shall do to turn it off. I mean which “nail” of wich “head”

great thanks

Thank for your help.
I think the soft is built like that.

see you