I was wondering what files exactly I’d need to edit to play with the User Interface, I’ve got to use 2.49b. Because I’m wanting to model and export stuff for Skyrim and it’s the only one supported as of right now.

Anyway back on topic which files would I need to edit in blender 2.49b to customize the user interface. I’m wanting to adopt a more 2.6 style interface as I love the newer interface but just really want to experiment with it and see what I can do with the User Interface. It will probably be something I’ll never release as it’s for fun and learning purposes. Any help would be appreciated.


check on the “bl_ui” directory that comes with blender, or if you have the source, from trunk its - release/scripts/startup/bl_ui/

Thank you. I am looking now… hopefully it’ll come easy.

You can skip the first 30sec, this is no longer something that needs enabling.