intergrating an animation into a movement?

hi all, long time no post, or “久しぶり” as they say out here.

anyway, ive been making static shapes, animations and such for a few weeks now, and though i would still consider myself a blender newbie, i have been looking at the blender GE.

i have followed a particularly awesome tutorial that introduces the very basics of the GE, and now i have a question;

How do i add an animation or movement to an object im controlling?

for example, if im driving a simple tank around with the arrow keys, how do i make the track turn?
or if im moving a character about, how do i incorporate his walk cycle?

im sure that this is a pretty normal newb question, but i honestly cant find the solution here or on google :frowning:

any help?

nevermind, i figured it out, sortof :slight_smile: