hai… i’m newbie in blender, i try to make a room with

  • blender version 2.42a for windows.
  • blender internal renderer.



thats good, i like the image. There should be some accesoires in there, like an painting on the wall. And you should play around with the lighting setup. Could become something good.

here some revisions…

  1. different view angle
  2. add tv, console, painting, table & table lamp etc.
  3. try n error set the lighting…

c & c welcome… thx


applied background…


Nice work. Pretty good use of materials and texturing.
A couple things:
The window frame looks a tittle off, like it’s too shiny or somthing. Looks like it’s supposed to be metal, just a little too shiny is all.

Also, the background image really is not at the level of the rest of the render. It looks very stretched (especially the tree), low res and way too dark for the light that is shining into the room.

All that said, I want to reitterate that you have done a good job on the materials and textures and modelling.

How about now…

  1. change image background n tweek uv map
  2. rev material on window frame


your table lamps are looking wired try to make them be waved
> <---- like those

The background looks much better, as do the window frames. Nice update.
imo, the lamp shades look fine to me, I’ve seen some just like them. The corregated style danmark is talking about is more of the traditional lamp shade style… just imo.

You used a flat background image right???

I would say make a small world space outside the window next and put (outdoors) the image on the back wall of a sky box surrounding a 3d patio…put a chair or some chairs outside the window maybe a particle grassy bush or something. He needs some patio stuff.
Remember almost no one living on that island lives without a grill for burgers.

Give the illusion that the person living there has life outside this room.
Good job so far….

here are some updates…