Interior 2

Blender,Cycles render render time 1 hours.

Love it but the carpet texture looks like a bad jpeg.

When you color grade your image, pay attention that your near black and near white have no saturation.
You can color grade your highlights, shadows and midtones but the rlly close to black it should be unsaturated.

Thank you so much

That is a matter of taste. There is plenty of near black and near white that are saturated in real world.

Edit: I meant saturated.

You’re right, my friend.
My English is very bad, google translate
I hope I do not get it wrong.
Black White

Yes it is, if you have good taste you do it like i said. :slight_smile:
You can see this technique in every professional movie/series.

Thank you so much MZGarmi

Too much small texture I guess.

I agree in part with both of you.
Saturation in RL is also correlated with light intensity so shadows and highlights must be less saturated than midtones.
And I would play 5 minutes in Photoshop to tweak S&H saturation.
At the same time I see in the picture an attempt to high contrast film look, some sort of Xpro effect so there’s space to personal taste.

Composition is ok, but personally I don’t like the artistic look you’re giving to this archviz.
It’s not comfortable at all for the viewer.

There’s something off with the light. Maybe i miss some contact shadows here and there. Nice cushion and blanket wrinkles! Did you model/sculpt them?

There is a shadow, but you do not have to wait like the sunshine.
Thank you.

It’s about the pleasure, all the work done in the gallery.
My only remembrance is not to be known on this forum.
Thank you.

Maybe it is just me, but I do not understand what you are saying.

it also me, but could be language barrier