interior architectural visualization tutorial from blender cookie

The u shaped bracket on my wall light fixture is deformed in the middle. Where did I go wrong and what can I do to fix it? Jonathan Williamson did the tutorial. The tutorial is the interior 3d architectural visualization tutorial at It is under lesson 7 of modeling the wall light.The timeframe in the video is the 4:40 mark. The middle should be rectangular like the the arms on the bracket instead of rounded.

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It’s not connected and normals are in the wrong way. There are also other double vertices. Select all, W -> remove doubles, ctrl+N.

I would recommend using the compress feature in file -> save as dialog instead of .zip. Faster to use and works transparently when opening.

JA12 thanks for the advice. Looked at the model in wireframe and could see where one of the vertices was out of place. I will probe deeper next time.