Interior Architecture Highlight #9

(Umberto) #1

Interior Architecture Render created with Blender.
All images rendered with Cycles, render time about 1 hour, 250 Samples, CPU mode, Denoising option atctivated.


(Okavango) #2

Very nice. If i may ask, how come your renders come out so clean and well-lit on 250 samples?

Would you mind sharing your light setup?

(david57) #3

Nice renders.

(MONO Global 3D Generalist) #4

Excellent, well done…

(ReubenX) #5

First Image, loved it, but the moose on the wall can take a bit of texturing. The Second image, the curtain is what takes my gasp away, loved it. The third one, maybe you can do a bit of work on the drawer and wood plank supporting the sink, other than those it looks fabulous.

(Umberto) #6

Hi, Okavango and thanks for the feedback.
As the lighting the scene, I used a white background and two Area Light just under the neon lights.
To render the scene, in the Render Layer Panel I activated Denoising checkbox with Radius option set to 16.

I hope these notes are enough.

(Okavango) #7

Thanks, appreciate it.

(Christoph Werner) #8

Very nice renders.
Are the carpet / cow fur made of particle hair or displacement?

(cekuhnen) #9

this is quite astonishing 250 samples only

(Umberto) #10

Hi, Denoising option is very helpful to reduce rendering time and in the same time to have a good result!

(GarageFarm.NET) #11

Andrew_GF: Cool renders. I like the second the best, nice composition. I would just turn this chair.stool a little right, so it is not seen completely from behind and you can see its shape.