Interior Architecture Scene

I’ve been working on an interior scene for a little while and something’s missing.
Not sure about the color scheme yet. I am thinking on making a dog or a cat to put in the chair for the focal point

Any feedback would be appreciated.:yes:

Thanks, Garrison H

Hard to tell, but is there any depth of field? A real photo of would have the plat out of focus (due to the low aperture needed to expose the darker indoor), the book or glasses as the focal point, and the outdoors scene much much brighter and slightly out of focus. I think that’s the big thing, the sun is really bright and indoors is dark enough for shadow, so you would expect outside to be brighter. Other thanthat though, good scene, the glasses, book and furniture choices tell a nice mini-story.

Here is an update, hope you like it!

I cranked up the sun, which then adds a nice bright spot on the chair which I think draws your focus to it, and I blurred the window just a bit, still working on the focal point.