Interior Archviz - "The Kitchen"

Spent a good amount of time working on this, Please see the full size! Really looking for honest feedback!


Full size:


What I like:

Thank you so much for the reply!

Im glad you liked some of the food, its always been a weak spot of mine.
Ill see if I can work on scale for future architectural projects

Looks like some vegan has an alcohol problem.

There is fruit all over the place. How about one basket of several different fruit.

Several wine bottles in a place. The bottles look very strange. A wine rack would be necessary.

Two glasses of wine but the bottle is not open.

Thanks for the reply,

I decided to put in multiple fruit baskets in order to add points of visual interest to the room. While searching for reference images for this, I found it was actually quite common practice to have several fruit bowls in such a manner.
However, I agree that a wine rack would be a bit more elegant