Interior assets

Greetings all, this is my first post. I’ve been using Blender for 3-4 months and I was wondering if someone could make a list of essential assets for any “basic” interior visualization scene. My goal is to keep track on what and how i need to model each asset (mattress, chair, pillow etc), which methods to use and so on. For instance, i’ve watched some online tutorials about how to model a pillow (using pressure or force field), how to model a basic table and the list goes on.

Sorry if this is off-topic and pardon me for any grammar mistakes. I haven’t practiced my english since a long time. Thank you all in advance.

This is a good question, so forgive me if this seems like not answering you. I would suggest a slightly different way of going about this, that will help with the scene, all your scenes, in the long run. You do not want every scene to look exactly the same with the exact same models every time. Of course you’ll share models between them, and over time you’ll grow a collection of assets, but I might suggest a process of looking at this scene by scene. Figure out what you want to show, what story you want to tell. Sketch out your ideas and composition, collect reference images for the mood and style you want, then you can start to determine what models you need. Look at scenes on a individual basis and determine what is best to make your scene the best possible. I hope this helps?

I see what you mean. Your point is 100% accurate and from an aesthetic perspective it would be boring to just reproduce the same scenes over and over again. So what if there is a way to acquire some basic modeling skills in order to produce a different outcome each and every time? I mean, two different beds are basically identical regarding the shape, the techniques used to model it etc, right? For example, suppose I want to model a spherical lamp, would it be “wrong” to apply a certain technique? (you name it). Anyway, thank you for your reply and l’ll keep that in mind.