Interior by Yafaray

Hi All!
This is one of my example project for my blender book. I have made the full tutorial step by step to explain how to finish it from modeling to render and composition.

The render engine is Yafaray and render time is 60mins. The composition is done by Node system.

You could check the wip thread for my book:

Hope you like it. =)

Excellent render! Your wip thread is one of the best!

:yes: Thanks man!

Wow, nice. 非常好

I saw you on the China Blender forum :slight_smile:

The only crit I have is that the textures are obvious copies of each other, this is especially visible on the beam below the seat. just moving them over slightly would make it look less copied

well, thanks for your crit man~ :o those four chairs are all copyed from one item, so it is obviously very easy to see this bug. You are a really very detail viewer!!
This work is used to be a toturial for Yafaray usage so I didn’t foucs a lot on modeling and texture mapping, so shame on my such mistake. poor cc :confused: I promise you I will not be this lazy next time for my own project :smiley:

nice work,

it would be good if you fill more of the scene, and another shots :slight_smile:

Materials and models look very good. God job on them. One thing I noticed - there is no window shadow and it should be cos it is very bright, and it looks like main source of light.But maybe sun is facing another direction…

haha, I just put a sun outside of the window and the shadow of sun is very poor to see. Hmmmm that’s true for the lack of the relastic if the window is over bright but with light shadow. Thanks man for your advise =)