Interior - Checkmate

Hey Blenderfriends,

here the current project i’m working on!
Please let me know what you think and feel free to give me some critique and feedback.

I’m not sure with the painting in the middle but have no idea with what i could replace it!

Which one do you prefer?

I like the last render better than the second, it seems a bit more… dynamic? I don’t think that is the word I am looking for… A bit more visually exciting.

Okay, thank you!
I think i will leave like this now! :wink:

Or Maybe like this! :wink: Which one do you prefer?

Green blanket and pillow - definitely. Looking very nice.

That object in the foreground looks out of place plus there seems to be too much clear floor space between the camera and the seating.

I think the central objects and lighting are very natural looking but at the sides and foreground it seems staged - I am not feeling like we are in an actual room.

Nice feel overall.

looks good, like the textures, scene distribution.
-don’t like the harsh shadow on the left, what is that?

Thank you so far!

Sooo, after about (feeled) 1000 testrenders i’m still not sure! :smiley:

Here is the current state!
Personally i like the Version with the flowers, even if the title doesnt fit anymore!
I still work on some parts…
I changed everything from cycles to octane by the way, becaus im gonna make a short animation and octane is about 10x faster! :open_mouth:

Ah please tell me what you think! That would be great! Thank you!


the last is the most interesting one, also the orange gives focus to where you look.
-better color mode from before.
-changing the light direction added details to the furniture, but removed it also from the shelves, i don’t know which is more important.
-still don’t like the lower left in front of camera table.
-the rug is a welcome to the scene.

I like it.