Interior design (based on a 3DS Max tutorial)

I admit, it is highly resemblant, but actually the point behind this project is to get myself familiar with indigo since so far I had been completely incompetent with it and well I think I’m managing a lot better now. So anyway, on with the show.

Render 1 (1280x800) - Dec 3rd
Render 2 (1280x800) - Dec 3rd (Update 1)
Render 3 (1280x800) - Dec 5th

I wanted to add a tree and maybe some sky image to make the outside more real but I havent found the tree script and neither have I found a way to add the sky or some sort of background scenery of any kind.

I also havent found anything interesting to do with the floor. I am however planning to shove some sort of painting on there (probably on the shorter of the two shelves), along with a few books and other objects. I’ll probably try to add some flowers in the vase as well.

Original tutorial (for 3DS Max)



I like it. Think you should have let it render it a bit more…
Keep it up.

The second one is still in progress, but still there might have been something I needed to change. So far its only been rendering for 1 hour 22 min.

I’ve been working on an interior off and on for awhile. One technique I was pleased with for the outside was to map an exterior photo to a plane and stand it up out there.

Think of it like a fake background that they use on movie sets.

My interior’s floor is made up of hardwood flooring. You can easily get photos of them online from a flooring store. Then, you can easily tile them and bump map them. Your scene might also look nice with a white shag carpet, I think.

Hope it helps! :eyebrowlift:

PS - I really like your glass material.

Thank you! :slight_smile: How would I go about doing a shag carpet? Particles? As for the glass material its quite simple really. Ray transp, Alphe 0,1 white color IOR 1.5 i think that was all the settings i changed.

lookin nice so far

why dont you render it with yafray? may clear up the noise in such a simple scene.

and how are you doing your lighting? could i have an object mode screenie?

Looks good so far. Thanks for posting the link to the tut too, I’ll have to look at it.

Here’s a another version of the second update for track wrecka. Basically I let render all night
Render 2 (1280x800) (Update 2) Clearer
The lighting is pretty darn simple. Its one sun light coming from outside the room. I turned on AO but I think it only changes stuff in Blender internal, anyway. I must admit the actual room isnt closed theres 1 wall missing and another one isnt complete. Or else the camera wouldnt of been able to see inside the room, or at least not from this position. I probably will make it bigger in order to encompass the current position the camera is at. I’ll post wireframes later, I’m at school right now.

@pwnage101: Here are two wireframes (hope this gives you an idea of my 1 light setup) :smiley:


wow i had forgotten that this is an indigo render and not a yafray:o sorry for wasting your time

Took me a minute thats ok hehe. I’m currently rendering an update. It has an added couch, modified the wall decoration slightly, walls got closed up, table is a bit higher, moved one of the shelves, and added a temporary suzanne to test a glass texture. And thats pretty much it for this update. I’ll post it tomorrow morning (and maybe an in progress render later tonight).

Render 3 (1280x800) - Dec 5th

The couch cuts into the picture, not good. I suggest scaling it or positioning it somewhere else.

edit: now that i look at it again, its fine, but i would still suggest you try more versions out. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I might move the camera backwards a tad on the next update. I’m still trying to see what I could add on the shelves and how to make a small carpet next to the door. I’m thinking of adding blinds as well but I havent chosen which type I’m going to use yet.

Well I didnt do much since the last update, because well I cant seem to get a satisfying result in any sort of decoration I try to add to my scene. And well I just noticed that indigo doesnt support Blender particles (although there was an obscure reference to a script that could make it work by turning the particles into a solid mesh or wtv).

Anyway what I did do is :
-Change the sun light’s color to a very pale blue (cuz i think i read that that is the actual daylight color)
-Added a carpet (which is supposed to have “particle hair” but like i said, it isnt supported.
-Backed up the camera
-Changed the light sources position.

Render 4 (1280x800) - Dec 6th