INTERIOR DESIGN - Classic house [360 VR 4K]

Hi, this is my first 360 video in Blender :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching :rolleyes:

That is one very good first!

Everything is amazing, except the wood (there’s always something right?). It could use some subtle bump and/or roughness variation.
I watched the video just one time before writing this and that is what caught my eye. So I figured just a little touchup there would improve it a lot.

Renders looks fine, especially for the first time.
I felt a bit disoriented watching this. Maybe try to give an opportunity to the client to choose where they would like to go by themselves?

Something like this:

Using this kind of app they could “walk” ( or in this case teleport themselves ) where they want and stop to take an extra look and admire to your renders :slight_smile:

this looks great. have to agree with HISEROD, the wood needs some imperfections.