Interior Design - Kitchen

Another work for portfolio.
Waiting your comments.

I really like to live in there. Seat of chair pretty small for people to sit in. Wood texture pretty good. Maybe it needs a little more details. The texture in the part of kitchen, need more glossy . The glasses is needed more glossy and clearer to make it nicer. The bottle wine is too transparent.

^ Summing up - more glossiness :smiley: I mean, really, kitchen looks quite too diffused for me. Also I’d add some more light or - if it depends on the whole project of the house - maybe a little lighter kitchen unit. However, if it’s not a “pinterest inspiration”, I have to admit that I really like the design of this small space, I’d like to have kitchen like this :slight_smile:

Thanks guys) I’ll make some changes)

Good render.

I don’t think the up in the air camera position is a good idea. Look at interior photography.

Also I would correct the perspective in Photoshop. The door on the right and the wall on the left are bending outwards.

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