Interior design

Me and my GF did some interior design. I did CG, she everything else :smiley:

Last one picture

How did you model the cushions to make them look voluminous?

I don’t know how Fearful made them, but there’s a nice way on YouTube–>

My suggestions to enhance the photorealism:

  1. the blanket needs some Kind of sculpting (it looks too smooth, even for silk)
  2. you should probably use some normal maps/specular maps for better materials (maybe take a look at an article on BlenderGuru)
  3. it looks like some objects only have a diffuse material (again, take a look at one of those articles :wink: )

In my opinion the images would look better if you decrease the camera view and focus on a specific object.

I hope this is useful for you :slight_smile:

Thank You!:slight_smile:
Your suggestions and the video link is appreciated!

The modelling is really good.
The lighting is quite impressive.:yes::rolleyes:
The first image is the winner for me.
You could have used some DOF.
The materials are decent but I think they need more work.
The images are quite grainy though. More samples would definitely make the renders look even better.

Ah guys, thanks for the replies!

Ye, shaders needs more work and blanket needs more displacement or sculpting. I want to improve that, but i need to do another design for our customer so i must do that a little bit later for my personal feeling and for my showcase :slight_smile:

Cushions have simple velvet shader and good model.

Again i must thank you for your opinions and help tips.