Interior DR

I would like to present to you my training project called Interior DR. I tried to replicate photos of existing interior, beautifully design by Paolo Didone.
Original photos of the interior you can find here:

I created the scene in Blender and render it with the Octane engine. If you have some questions about the project, Blender, Octane, the meaning of life or something else, don´t hesitate to ask in comments or send me a message.


Beautiful work!

Excellent Work!
I must admit I pretty amazed and your portfolio is fantastic.
Keep up doing this superb quality work.

Fantastic job!

May I ask how much ram did your scene consume?

thank you dimitarsp :slight_smile:

Thank you very much SunBurn :slight_smile:

I love the contrast between the rustic wood and stone, and the modern shiny white counter.

Looks great. How did you approach modelling the brickwork?

Amazing render! Which version of blender did you use for this project, 2.8 ?

Amazing render! Is Octane free for blender ?

Awesome work, I’m impressed!

Why octane over cycles? I read somewhere it was not very adapted for interiors, looks here that this is not the case as your renders are superb :ok_hand:

Really impressive work! Congrats!

If you allow me, the only thing that seems a bit "unnatural’ to me are the overemphasized splits and cracks of the exposed wooden roof beams. It’s usually avoided to place these beams with the splits on the upper or lower side, and if there are any, they are placed to face sideways. Sorry for being so fastidious with this, but I really like your work, and it was the only thing that “betrayed” to me that this is CG and not real. If you see the reference photos carefully, you’ll see what I mean. Larger splits and cracks are mostly facing sideways and on the lower faces you’ll see minor ones.

Your portfolio is full of great renders. Keep it up!

That’s really stunning

i think all of us want to know some explanation about stone walls!
It is incredible, good job!

Thank you very much Jimmychaos, the secret of the stone wall is photoscaned texture from Quixel Megascans, you can see there a slightly repetition. However I sculped the areas where beams are touching the walls, it´s a small detail requiring few minutes of work, but it add a realistic feeling.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Ahakiroslan,

I used 2.79. And yes Octane is free but limited to 1 GPU, if you want to use more, you have to pay.