Interior Environment Lighting! with Blender 2.5x

Simulating a real interior environment in an artificial one can be a daunting task. Bringing out the real emotion in a scene can be a truly difficult. It becomes more so when trying to deal with the subtle shadows that indoor lighting produces.

I have created 5 short tutorials to show you how to set up lighting to depict lighting under the following conditions.
Tungsten Bulb

The tutorials can be found at

The knowledge therein will give you an insight into lighting your 3D Scenes and the variations you may input to make your renders as realistic as possible. Happy Blending


Looked interesting but you will need to be careful the document isn’t in PDF format you need to use Adobe Digital Editions to view the book. And you cant get Digital Edition for Linux.

Would be nice to have a normal pdf version. Wish that had been made more clear on the lulu site. £4 down the drain.

@Terry_Wallwork. Hi. If you could let me know your email address I can send you a copy in the normal edition without Digital Rights Management.