Interior for Commercial Building

Hi guys. I need someone who is good with interiors. I made an office building and I need someone to do the interior part and make it realistic. I would need several scenes and renders. Here’s the list of what I need:

1.Ground floor overview
2.Shops/Restaurants/Banks(Ground floor)
3.Offices interiors(executive and regular)
4.Roof View
7.Ground Floor Fountain
9.Meeting Rooms

The interiors should be modern.

You would get the model of the building(exterior). It has nothing in the interior. No furniture, plants etc. You can make your own models or download some free models from the internet. It doesn’t matter as long as the final result is realistic.

Also for the materials/colors you can use whichever you want. Just give it the look that is used in the west(USA, Canada, UK and others).

For those who are interested PM me and we will talk more.

I just wanted to let you know I sent a Private Message in response to your job offer.

Please read PM we’ve just sent.