Interior images

A new series of interior images: An old design of a week-end house was used as a base and furnished with some nice stuff from B&B Italia, Andrew Price and others.


Great job! This is so photorealistic. :slight_smile:

Why ur floorboards so big? On first img they are gint! And flower on the table looks huge…

Thanks, ShadowCamero!
Floki: One of my clients likes these wide floor boards (~30 cm) so I decided to try it myself too.
To be honest I did not check the flowers :slight_smile: they are from Andrew Price collection. But now as I look at it they are really big.
cm - inch problem maybe? :slight_smile:

Really not bad. Maybe some more renders, m8? :slight_smile:

Nice high key renders. But, I too have a problem with the giant floorboards.