Interior in cycles

Feedback welcome, thanks for watching


Link is broke

i have no idea how to post for feedback. i’ve created a googlephoto album and copy paste de link

simple copy and paste your pic here will be find


Really nice image. I’m just a little confused about the flamingo :wink:

I love this. Very nice. Good render. I’m putting my foot down concerning the Flamingo though! :wink:

Thanks… actually there was some things added in photoshop as the flamingo, coffee cup, book maps and plants. Still i tried to correct the light, it seems a bit artificially. About the flamingo it was an idea for adding some surreal element, but probably it wont work…

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Thanks a lot Slartibartfast. About the flamingo that’s probably an illusion …its a photoshop stick…tried to correct the light but …not yet there :wink:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Very original interior design. Looks like a photo. That bird, wow.

Bart, i reallyyy apreciate that. Wishing you a great weekend as well :wink:

Thanks Karl, i took a look in your portfolio and great job as well

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Thanks :smile: