Interior light scene (tribute to Pianca- Italian interior company)

hi everyone, this is the last scene i’ve rendered in cycles. Like the title says it’s a tribute to a famous italian interior company, few days ago i was watching a design magazine called Ottagono and i saw one image that really hit me, so i decided to render that image. =)

All models are done in Blender and the render in Cycles with 2000 samples. (it took about 20 hours render because my pc is really slow =( no gpu, and a dual core 2,00 Ghz and 4 Gb ram)
One big area plane and a sun for the white illumination, hair strand system for the carpet.
All texture used are from Cg textures.
I’m open to all critique to get a significant improvement… so feel free to critique everything

the first image is post processed with Blender compositor

and this one is post processed with lightroom that i believe that is a very powerful programme for postpro…

Which one do you prefer???

Thank you everyone and happy blending

ps. And sorry for my english =)

reduce the light Little bit . that will be perfect . i think in real life it would be half of this( i mean lights).

It is really nice can you show the setup of the sceen?

This is my camera view (focal point 26.8)

Render settings:
Resolution: 1000x1350 with 3000 samples
Clay: 0
Bounces: max 8 min 0
Diffuse, Glossy, Trasmission: default 128 for all
Anti aliasing 5

That’s all for the screen setup i think