Interior Lighting object question

Hello I am modeling a interior house and I’d like to know what is the best and most used
way to light the interior scene.

I know that HDRI is frequently used to light scenes with windows but in my case
I don’t have the windows so HDRI is not going to be helpful in my case

What I have done is just making some lamps and assgined them “emission” in the material tab
and … the result is not bad but not so much satisfactory
It just doesn’t have enough light… (I know I can adjust the light emission power, they are adjusted
not too bright, not too dark but ! my scene requires more light !)

So I have to add more lamps but I think I’ll need different type of light other than “material - emission”
I think Area Light that we can create with (Shift+a → light - > area) would fit great for my scene
but I don’t know how to use it properly and clean

Should I create a lamp object and place the area light inside of it ?
or is there anyway I can attribute the area light to the lamp object like I’ve done to my
previous lamp with material-emission ?

Emission materials will take a lot of calculating and are much less “effective” that lamps. Unless you really need to emit light from a “physical” object I would recommend using lamps.
This thread might help you for making light bulbs Light up scenes using lamps:


This method is most common.

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Thank you I gotta try to put the light inside my lamp and fake it