Interior Lighting Settings

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a more realistic indoor lighting and so far I still came up short.

I used an Area light and reduces the energy setting to .5 because it was orignally brighter that this. But everything else is at default settings. So any usefull suggestions are needed.


reduse distance aswell and also u can use spots and i’m not sure but pay attention to geme mode "glsl mode and there r a hole bunch of other settings u can change

Ok, so this is what I did to the set. As advised, I decreased the distance of the light by 25 percent to 15 to all of the lamps I had and this is what I came up with:

I like it, but I may have to lighten it up more. So, can come one tell me on what is GLSL mode?

When you setup realistic lighting, you always need to be conscious of where the light is coming from, what type of light, and how the scene is lit. I have no idea where the light is coming from in your image, I can’t tell the type of light, and I cant see how the room is lit. Why did you use Area light?