Interior Lighting

Hi everyone,

here is my studio render of a Skoda 130RS Rallye…

…as U could see the model is nicely lite-up but obviously the interior is dark and the question is:

How could I light-up the interior to be able to render it in this scene and see the details? Tried to put a light into interior somehow but its obvious that it does NOT belong there and the lighting does not look good either… Any idea especially from someone who made a car interior (studio) renderings?

Another thing is that the image was rendered using 500 samples and LWS filtering (Blender build) to get rid of that noise … any idea how to set up the scene to avoid the noise (mean idea without setting the samples to 5000 :wink: ).

 Regards, Jan

PS: and yep, also any sugestins about the car and materials will be appreciated!

In fact I solved it by setting the DOME light using the half-sphere … it reminds me … is there some “replacement” for HEMI light which is NOT functional in cycles anymore?