Interior, Living Room.


This is propably one of my first “serious” works tha ti need to get finished.
Here is the deal, everyone in my grade got a drawing of an apartment and about 5.000$ to spend on furnishing it. Of course, we aren’t supposed to use real money but we buy things without buying (No, we don’t steal) them if you get what i mean.
We are supposed to write a list of everything in MS Word and draw the stuff out on the blueprint. I had this list and everything was but then my user account at school crashed.
So everything is gone.
My only chance now is finishing it with some hardcore blending.
This is the first room out of 5.
I’ve never done any interiors before so i really need some focused crits.
I think it is supposed to be done for friday but i hope it is for the friday after that friday. :smiley:

So please post your thoughts here, please, please!!

And yes, i am desperate.

The picture is rendered at 1024 x 768 but at 50% size and with 5 oversamples, add AO, Blender Internal. Took about 2 minutes to render. I wanna keep the rendertimes as low as possible so i can do many of them. I won’t render with anythin g else than internal because i don’t have the time to learn Yafray or Indigo.
I raelly want to come back to this project and clutter it down, try indigo and all that stuff, but now i need to finish it so i have my rooms done for friday.
I don’t want to clutter it with stuff because it is a conceppt so i’d like to show everything off as cleanly as possible.

Thanks in advance,


it looks good i don’t have much advice as i am very much still a noob but u sounded like u needed help lol umm the light at on the roof doesn’t seem to be smooth maybe try the set smooth button and maybe even subsurf it. Also were u planing on texturing it further or u dont have enough time if u do u should do it (imo) because it could add a lot to the room. Also maybe add some scenery outside to give that little bit extra… As i said im still a noob so feel free to completely ignore this reply:D

It’s a good “CAD”-picture, but if you’re aiming for photorealism, there’s a lot to get done. First off, it feels a tad empty, and you might want to render with YafRAY and AO lighting. There should be some tutorials on this.

Thanks a lot for your advice hubble. I’ll definately smooth the roof but i’ll not add scenery until later.
PythonAngel, I know the room is empty, i want to add books, dvd’s, my guitar, my bass, amplifier, and do some textures, i really want to do that but i haven’t really got the time right now.Your crits are still very valid and i will take time to learn YafRAY.
I am really enjoying this project so i will continue it as soon as i get the base done before my deadline.

Thanks a bunch for replying!!

Hello again!

I started the hallway today and this is what i got after about 3-4 hours of work (yeah, im slow i know.).
The black dots on the wall are supposed to be bumps but it didn’t come out as i wanted, but if you look in the far right corner the bumps look good, i’ll look into this later (when i have time, if i can’t solve it in time i’lk just have to live without it).
I got pretty much of the design laid out in my head right now so it is just up to doing all the stuff. The doors look very dull, i am aware of that. That is propably the next thing i’ll do.
The door to the right leads to the WC so i will put up a cool sign on that door.
But i don’t know what colour i should do the door frames, i’ll need help with that.

This render took 18 minutes 8 OSA, 1024-768. I am now up to 34k polys.
Mostly becase i have two subdivisions on the hanger and shoe rack. I will take it down to 1 subdivision so i can render faster, and when it won’t show that much if it is a bit low-poly.