Interior Modeling Attempt

My Attempt at Interior Modeling Old Thread Here:
Old Renders Here

The building is supposed to be kind of assassins cabin/hut/thing

Another Render a few changes from the first one

Just a quick comment on the picture in front of the desk, I dont think they knew what a galaxy looked like back then. A drawing of a constellation would seem more likley to me. I like the textures on everything. I never can get ligting in internal scenes to look right. Oh, and did you UV map that target?

Yeah and no i didnt uv map i used multi materials also heres a render i did as if it was night time rendering one with a new texture for the painting wont post that one unless theres a reason too

I like the arrows in the can thing…Its really cool…warm feeling…
id add some dummy’s and a sword rack with some swords

Sword Rack and Swords was planning on making trouble is the making part oh yeah everything in the scene was made by me except for the ladder which was made by a python script i downloaded somewhere

wow thats cool

Made a sword average not that good i think

the sword is a good start…Id just make it look better…addsome more detail…ect ect…find a reference picture

Another Render a few improvments small changes to the sword
Wow it went fromthis to this

Oh yeah would anyone know how to model a robe this simple shape but i can`t get it right