Interior Octane Test 2 - White Light

The picture made for one of my project . Maybe it is to bright but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Modeled in Blender - rendered in Octane.


Beautiful, nice concept. One question I always ask myself is why would you use an external render for that. Sorry, I am not a professional on this area and profs may have a good reason for that. Is it because cycles is too slow? You already have a workflow on creating the materials for your preferred render engine? Do you feel more comfortable with this one and cycles is too complicated?
Anyway, I appreciate you work and thanks for sharing with the community.

Thanks ~MarcosV.

I was asking the same question myself. I’m new to Cycles and Octane and I’m trying them both at the moment (speed, settings, materials etc.). Cycles render engine has evolved within last year incredible and now this is a very powerfull tool for anyone. Same Octane ( a lot of positive comments). So the obvious thing to do was to try them both. :slight_smile: . I think these days better to know more than one render engine.

Still I don’t have my proffered engine - I do try to use them both.


I love how everything is white exept the splatter. It gives it a great contrast