Interior Octane Test


Octane interior test. Modeled in blender, rendered in octane.

Hope you will like it.

700 samples - 20 minutes
GTX 570
Kernel - PMC
Windows 7 64Bit

looks pretty bad-ass :wink:
I like the books on the floor, they make it seem more welcoming, and less serious.
I would advice you to move the brightest white down a bit, shining on this big surface it becomes a bit unpleasant to look at the chair. it’s a bit of fine-tuning though, cause you don’t want to lose the focus on the chair.
but other than that, i really like it :slight_smile: The floor planks seem very realisitic :slight_smile:

Thanks you very much ~ChocolateCake for your comment. Will try to to adjust the brightest of the image with my next render.

Many Thanks.

I love Octane renders. I just need to get used to the engine to use it more efficiently. I’m still having a difficult time though since I can’t find more in-depth tutorials. Amazing work Cadvis :wink: