interior - office lobby - rendered w/ Yafray

tried rendering with Yafray…
1st image rendered with Yafray…
2nd image rendered with Internal blender + ambient occlusion…

wich one better?


Hi… =D

Well… I prefer the second, rendered with Blender Internal, but I just think It´s too blurred, you know? The Yafray one woud be nicer if you had turn on the oversampling.


Have you turned tha OSA-type to mitch instead of gauss? I think that would improve your render with the internal render. I like the internal better, yafray render is to sharp and hardedged.

thx you…

Virgilio & [Kothe]:
yes… i turned off the OSA for fast view rendering for 1st image
for 2nd image, OSA ON (8) + ambient occlusion and i added softglow layer w/ gimp (too much… yah…)

better render with blender internal…

here is render with Yafray + OSA ON (8)


Thats really nice, I like it.

i think the yafray with osa is definatly better, but maby work on the lighting a bit, theres to much light on the left hand side. mainly noticable on the plant though, so you could perhaps just turn down the reflectivity of its material.



free_ality: thx

Shamem: maybe i must turn down reflectivuty mat for d plant, because in blender internal render, the plant looks OK (almost d same light setting between them)… thx