Interior Photogrammetry solutions

Hi there,
I’m looking for an (ideally free and open source) photogrammetry app that I can use to convert video (or lots of pictures) of interior spaces into a textured 3D mesh. Should be as idiot proof as possible. Any suggestions on apps or workflows?


you have Meshroom: Free photogrammetry , it’s free but works only with images so you’ll have to extract them from the video, the program is really really slow and it is better to use big pictures instead of lots of them, I use arround 100 4k pictures to do figures and works, you could touch the settings but I use only the describer preset in the feature extraction node to match the cameras and that’s all, use the 2018.1.0 I can’t run the 2019.

Only workflow/pipline suggestion > Ca$h makes most things idiot proof! :wink:
Considering work time invested smart and mind applied reasonably, I chose

This is still ‘hobby’ but might turn into more so I’m reluctant to spend money just yet. However Agisoft to offer a trial so I’ll give it a go. Have you tried it with interior spaces? Most of the apps out there seem to focus on objects or aerial images. I tried Meshroom without a huge amount of success but I’ll try again with fewer but higher quality images. I couldn’t easily find any documentation though - have I missed it somewhere.


Mostly doing it in interior :slight_smile:
An object or parts of the place. To bash then.
But nope, never did go for full-room scan. :shushing_face:

“Oh, The Detail!” :scream: or “The Damned”
(joy of suffering perfectionism)

“Which size fits best?” :sleeping: :star_struck:

… but then, off course, use the tool that suits you. Finally, it’s all about the subject you take on - circle around, catching as much Detail as you see fit. :wink:

Zepher has a free version… look at the restrictions for free version. It handles video, not sure if in free version. Personal is 149 on perpetual license. I’m going to try it on my project. along with Meshroom. free is limited to 50 images.

good luck… hope things work well… blender will…