Interior practise

Hi I’m trying to achieve realistic looking interior scene here is what i got so far, rendered in blender internal.

next thing would be creating leather texture an normal map for chairs ad sofa. I would also need tips for creating tile wall texture and normal map. current texture was made by nodes according to this tutorial
textures are from gc textures. finally I should probably going to render it in yafaray.

i used one area lamp and ambiend occlusion


But use you AAO? Because the shadow have some noise or it’s that the JPEG compression?

Hey, it seems that the normal map in the wall is wrong. The sofas look a little bit strech, and i recomendo to put reflexion on the floor and in the picture on the wall. It look good so far, keep it up!

My usb stick broke so I’m starting this one from scratch. This time I’m trying to model a complete flat. I haven’t started working with textures, lightning or materials. I’m posting a blend of my work so far. hope u have time to check it out and give comments and advises:D

EDIT: its in local view so switch to global to see all of it…


talo harjoitus2.blend (667 KB)

people usually only post object files when they want help with something, an image is best when showing off your work for c&c.
theres a screen dump button along the top next to the layer buttons, just use that if you dont have lights, turn on solid texturing and press the button

looks good …and the noise looks good too , isnt the bricks bump map supposed to be inverted ??.