Interior render , cycles, hair and particles


I’ve made this simple interior to test a few things and to understand using cycles for interior archviz a little better.
The blobby thing on the left is a volumetric particle system with metaballs, I should probably rerender with better settings (or delete it).
The block painting/sculpture is also a particle system.

Special mention goes to the hairy Jane Doe, courtesy of the band Converge, their singer Jacob Bannon designed it.

color balanced (only intensities)

original render, 1920x1080, 100 samples, 2 bounces, 2 diffuse, 4 glossy, 16 transmission 35 mins to render on cpu. Ubuntu 12.10 homebrew build of last friday on a dell vostro i5 2.4ghz, 4 gb machine.

Furniture downloaded from



bilateral blur nodes (mixed back with original), color balance (only intensities) , vignette and glow.